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I got the american girl book for my dd too... she loved it. I have been looking for something for my son, so will definitely check out these recommendations.  
Not according to the new UA.
Thanks HBM... I am thinking I've got some seasonal depression going on. Trying to just keep myself occupied because I know that sitting around will make it worse.
I honestly do not think that there is much of a relation between vaxing/not vaxing and how much kids get sick. Neither one of my kids have been vaxed and they both get their share of illnesses... I was fully vaxed as a child and had my share of illnesses. I think it is just a part of being alive in this environment. As you are exposed to more illness, your body reacts and creates anitbodies to fight it off. When you have fought it off once, your body gets better at not...
Totally agree that the concept of the party is just out there and that name-calling would be a 100% deal breaker. I'm always the mean mom... but hey, my kids start acting better and better as time goes on! I have an 11, almost 12, year-old. I honestly do not think I would even allow her to attend a party like this.
I look at post counts and member start dates. I think it is more so because I would like to find people that I used to post with. Hardly any are here any longer... or they have changed their user names.
  Seriously, I can't even believe that I am going here, but this is not the first, nor will it be the last, that people fear "The Changes." MDC was a very, very different place when I first became a member. This new UA actually brings it closer to a place that I once was very fond of. I kinda loathe(d) MDC as it is(was). It was just so... free... before, and if we are moving a step closer to having some freedom back, then I might just participate a little more. I just...
And I would have to word it: looking to share an apartment with a lesbian. It is pretty clear to me that a lesbian is a woman, so not sure I would add that to the end.
Not offensive. I'm lesbian and often say lesbo, dyke, homo, etc. and prefer to be around others who are lesbian. What if he put an ad out and some totally homophobic person took him up on the offer. How horrible would that be?
New Posts  All Forums: