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I'm pleased. I have not cared for MDC since the huge UA and overbearing moderation has come into play. I used to really love MDC and now it hardly crosses my mind. I'm also pleased that my track record is cleared...
Howdy all! I was wondering where everyone went :)   Hope everyone has recovered from illnesses and stuck vehicles by now.   I'm hoping that all this snow is gone, gone, gone soon. We are supposed to be in the 40's most of this next week, so that should definitely help.   I am in a mental funk. I come home almost everyday from work with a headache and have just been crabby. I just snapped at my family and then retreated to the computer. *sigh*
I'm also kinda wondering about the items that seem so in dire need. Never once have I gone out in the middle of the night to get OTC medications for my kids. We just don't use that stuff often.
This was just done in my city as well. I think it is some sort of marketing ploy...   We have many places that are open 24 hours here, all within a 5-10 minute drive. 3 Walgreens, 2 CVS, 2 Cub foods, 2 HyVee foods, Walmart, and numerous Kwik Trips (all would have basic essentials). Heck, you can even go through McDonalds drive-thru any hour of the night now.
I pretty much know right away. I have a pretty good intuition regarding people that I will get along with or not.
Sorry your monday is so yucky!   So far my Monday is going OK. Got up and did my spin class and am settling in for a week of work. I spent yesterday recovering from an evening out with friends on Saturday! It was a great time!
Perhaps!   In seriousness though, I believe to have a free spirit because of much different look at all the systems of society: religion, marriage, kids, food, politics etc etc. Very different than the day-to-day order or disorder!
I would say that I am not all that laid back... fairly Type A personality that needs structure and order. There are certainly ways I am laid back though, but I honestly cannot think of them at this time!
FOG - Those cupcakes (and Kaluha) look great and your camera takes awesome pics!   My stove is delivered, but I have yet to use the oven(s). It has been so busy the last couple of days. Hoping to get something cooking up in them tomorrow!   Anyone watch the Super Bowl? I'm not really a football fan, but I've gotten used to at least being in the room when games are going on. The half-time show should be awesome... Black Eyed Peas!
Feeling for all those that have been dumped on by this latest weather system... So glad that it is finally NOT ME! I'm in MN, so we always have snow and cold, but seriously, this winter is the worst in awhile. I am so sick of moving snow around.   Hello HollyBearsMom and TB!   I have a busy day at work today. Have to travel an hour to see 6 different clients... but at the end of the day I am getting a new stove installed! I am so freaking excited, it has 2 ovens
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