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dawning - It'll be so nice when you get your office space done! When I was WAH, I hated that my sewing table was in the middle of the living room, because even when I was relaxing, I could still see all the work that I had to do. Not relaxing at all!
Hello all! I haven't been part of a chat thread in a loooong time and thought I might see if I can keep up with one again   See plenty of familiar faces   I was stuck at home today with a lovely snowstorm. We have had so much snow here, it is just ridiculous! I can't remember what our snowfall total is now, but it was 51 inches awhile back, so we have to be approaching 60 inches, if not over it by now. I'm pretty concerned about flooding this spring, I think it...
Some people don't want to add hormones to their bodies that aren't really supposed to be there. It can mess up a lot of things in people and it is not natural. Many people use natural family planning for birth control and it works great, but like ANY method, pregnancy is always a possibility.   So in answer to your question, yes, some people do not want to use birth control.
Ah... waaayyy to expensive for my taste! My jaw dropped at the price!
There are some really good Tupperware containers that keep lettuce really good! http://order.tupperware.com/coe/app/tup_show_item.show_item_detail?fv_item_category_code=18002&fv_item_number=P10056908000 I have had my set for over 7 years... definitely worth the investment!   I also use Tupperware in the freezer: http://order.tupperware.com/coe/app/!tw$shop.p_category?pv_ic_code=20001 These stack really nicely. One of the sizes is a one-cup size which is perfect for...
Well, I work full-time so I go out of the house everyday. Rarely is there a day that I have not left the house. My kids go outside to play almost everyday. It depends on how many of the neighborhood kids are home.
We are having an ugly Xmas sweater party... lots of fun!
When a sales person approaches me I just say, "I'm just looking, thanks." It really is OK to go into a store and just look, and it is OK to tell the sales person that. How are you supposed to know what a store has to offer if you can't go in and just look?   Regarding stores that have play areas for kids, why can't you just ask the people working what the expectations are? "My daughter would like to play for a few minutes, is that OK?" "Are there any rules for using...
I'll go to whatever store I feel like going to and stay however long I feel like staying, whether I have intention to buy or not. Does not matter the size of the store or if there are chairs. I figure, people want you in their business, and even if I don't buy something, who's to say that I am not telling someone else about this super-cool boutique that I was just in.   I am really curious about these feelings of being self-conscious in a store. It just seems so very...
I read a couple books on my droid. I thought it worked OK. I'd prefer a bigger screen, but it was kinda nice to have my book with me where ever I was.
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