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I have to make sure when I'm at the grocery store to just not look at prices of subsidized, feedlot meat.
laohaire - Most of the other prices seem similar, although I don't buy pork cuts, only pork sausage and that is only $3/#. It is amazing how much higher poultry is in your area though!
I'm in MN too and we bring our kids to bar and grills ALL.THE.TIME. I would just ignore people that think they need to make a big deal out of it.
Oofta! $3.75/#! I was able to get a local turkey here for $2.79/#. I wonder what kind of difference there is in pricing in different regions. I'm in the midwest. Chicken goes for about the same for me. Ground beef is $5/#.
Yeah, totally! I will be doing a much better job of doing that this next growing season.         I can't stand the smell of conventional butter or milk anymore. It just smells sour.  
My daughter has this book and I think that it has been fairly informative for her.
One nice item that I recently found local is whole wheat flour and corn meal!
I voted "Yes" because I have told my kids that before. I am much more middle-class at this time, but while I was in college and a single parent... yes, living in poverty. I don't think it is fair to not give them a reason for not getting XYZ. Yeah, you could say the whole materialistic bit, but honestly, I kinda like things. So I told them that we have very limited money for life and it has to pay the rent, the electricity, gas for the car etc. They got it and didn't...
I am trying to move toward a local diet. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong time of year to start, but that's OK. I do what I can. I joined a meat CSA last month, which is nice. The meat is soooooo much better than feed lot meat! I am considering joining a vegie CSA in the spring. I'm in Minnesota, so we have a super short growing season. I'm going to try to grow a decent garden this year. Last year it went ka-put because I didn't plan it very well.
Why can't you just ask someone to leave if you have had enough? This just seems so... passive.   I think the whole idea is somewhat off-putting. Do you have people in particular that you are worried about? Why not just talk with them personally.
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