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I'm not quite sure what to do. He recently got into trouble for bullying and now he has gotten into trouble for saying inappropriate things. I thought that we had things resolved after the bullying incident and he understood that what he was doing was wrong. Now I get a letter home saying that he was saying not OK things at school. He really doesn't seem to have any ideas on how to make this not happen again. He gets that he shouldn't have said it and seemed disappointed...
My daughter wants to bring some healthier lunches to school and would love a lunch set. The ones I have found that are eco-friendly are super expensive! Any suggestions?
I want my kids to understand respect... how to respect others and themselves.   I want them to be able to communicate their needs, desires, and feelings in all sorts of situations (family, friends, work, people you don't care for much... while still being respectful).   I want them to be true to themselves, not change who they are to fit some sort of mold.   I help them achieve this by modeling this behavior and encouraging them to do what it takes to exhibit...
I would make sure you state that you hear her/understand her. Sometimes people like that just think that no one is listening to them (which is probably the case because they are too overbearing!).   Also, having ground rules for meetings is always good ie. everyone gets a chance to share their ideas, ideas will be voted on, no yelling allowed etc.
The person that I worked with was actually through the school district and it was a free service. Not sure how many areas have something like that, but I learned of her through the Head Start program.
My son at the age of 4 acted very much like that. I worked with a behavior specialist and was able to remedy the situation in about a month or two. I would seek outside help.
I made the original post into a wiki here: http://www.mothering.com/community/wiki/non-monsanto-seed-companies   Anyone can go in an edit or add companies. Maybe even add your experience ordering through companies, what you love, don't love ect.
My daughter just asked for a kindle/nook for xmas... I thought that if you bought your nook from Barnes and Noble there was so many free books you could get. I obviously do not know the specifics, but it might be worth it to poke around at what different stores offer when you purchase the reader.
I know someone posted about this in the past and I was going to make note of the book title, but neglected to do so! Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions
I would definitely mention this on the invite! I would want to know as a guest trying pick out a gift.
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