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Re: getting medical records As someone who requests medical records many times in a week, I have few bits of info. *Go directly to the medical records department. I have never heard of a charge for getting medical records, but I don't know if I am treated differently as a professional requesting medical records or not. Some places have online ways to request records. Some places even have all records online. You may just need a user name and password. *Ask for...
Sweet! Just ordered me a catalog
Yup... super easy to do here in MN. When you get all your papers when enrolling in the school, there will be a vax form. At the bottom of it you just sign it in front of a notary. I go to my bank to do it, as it is free. Have had no problem with any daycares too, in case your kiddo will be going someplace after school, but you will have to have another form notarized for the daycare.
Quote: Originally Posted by Breathless Wonder Here's something that really bothers me, reading this thread. God forbid, some of you end up on CPS's radar, and your child's (or your) medical records are so inaccurate. You could end up charged with medical neglect, or child endangerment! You could be strong armed into services for mental health issues! Scary, scary, scary!!! Not only CPS but vulnerable adult. I have had to file a vulnerable...
I highly recommend getting medical records (even though I have not gotten mine yet ). I work in an agency where I need to collect medical records as part of my job. There are several times where the medical records were VERY wrong. The reason I know they were wrong was because I was in the room with the patient during the visit. I actually had to go through my own case notes, print off what I knew to be true regarding the patient to bring to the doctor. The doctor has...
Quote: Originally Posted by leighi123 Your son is 4. It sounds like YOU have a problem with him wearing pink, he likes it so let him!
Well, I have a son who is 9 and loves wearing pink. He also has long hair. He is his own person and I love it. I have never, ever said anything in regards to a color being "boy" or "girl" because really, it's a color. A color has no gender. In fact, I encouraged my kids to think outside the stereotypical clothing options found at any box store. We often shop in the "wrong" section based upon social norms.
You could just do an automatic withdrawal so that you don't have to worry about post-dating and overdrawn funds? I rarely send checks to anyone anymore.
Using the facebook link is good... then if she continues to do it, they can take away her account with them.
There is probably some extent of vaxes working, but as others have said, I am not sure I want to gamble with the risks involved. Interestingly enough, in my line of work, I talk about vaccines a lot with my clients because they are already immuno-compromised. I have recommended that my clients get vaccines, but mainly because it is a performance standard for my agency. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.
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