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Quote: Originally Posted by race_kelly wemoon- Alas, I must not have tasted very good, because you deserted for awhile after biting me! Oh, and don't forget the embarrassing story...unless that was just for me. Hmmm, I'm not really an old timer though...but I'm going to hang out and get some ol' time wisdom from you all. Oh lordy... how come I can't remember what the story is? I probably don't want to remember if it was...
That was great! I'm passing it along
Quote: Originally Posted by earthmama369 I don't expect a huge return as we try pretty hard NOT to give the government an interest-free loan -- especially this administration Quote: Originally Posted by PajamaMama I get that many of you are excited about your perceived windfall, but don't you understand that the money you're getting is YOUR money, and Uncle Sam has been using it for a year interest free? If you're getting...
Well, I think this will end up being a lot easier than I originally thought. One school currently does panels every so often. Another school used to do panels awhile ago. And one school actually contacted the college to have a mini-panel with a few of their students that were harrassing an open bisexual student. So we might have a lot more room than I previously had thought.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raven Hey beautiful! I miss you so much! Quote: Originally Posted by Christy1980 what are you guys afraid of the sisterhood for?? we dont do intiations anymore... Um... we could! If only we had new people! Oh geez... what were all the things we did, I can't even remember. I know there were boys, fluffernutter and harry involved! I think I got to bite people...
You don't need to be scared of the 'hood! Just read the last page or so and jump right on in
My social services group decided to do a project on educating youth about LGBT issues. I'm so freakin excited that they all agreed upon doing it! It's going to not be the easiest project we could have chosen, but I think it is going to be huge for all of us. My group is very excited to learn more and are excited to help the students learn. Our basic plan is to contact all the local groups, PFLAG, Gay-Straight alliance at one high school and use the on campus LGBT...
Are they involved in their childs everyday life? No, not one bit. Do they see their children on a regular basis? Nope. Last time was almost a year ago. How is YOUR relationship with them? Non-existent. We don't communicate at all and haven't since May. How do your children feel about their dads? It changes. At first they had this God image of their dad, but now I think they are slowly realizing that he has done nothing for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThreeBeans I like Supernanny I do to! There are definitely things that she does that I would never do, but there are also some things that seem alright and that I actually do or would do with my family.
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