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Hi! I'm moving to the Everett area and am looking for a pediatrician for my two boys. Any recommendations? I'm also looking for other mamas in the area. Thanks!
I'm in Nassau county!
This is my second, but my first is only 8 months old. So, if it's another boy I have tons of stuff.   Things I will need though:   Another crib Crib mattress double stroller   I'm sure I will think of more things along the way.
I haven't been posting much, but I want to start posting more! Lately meat has been totally grossing me out. All I seem to want are carbs. And sweets. Not good.
I'm in NY, on Long Island. But, I grew up in the Seattle, WA area. I miss it over there. If my boyfriend would move with me I would move back there in a heartbeat. I hope to move back there at some point. All of my family is still there.
I need to get my son into a convertible carseat soon. I was going to get a Radian, but I've heard that they don't fit so great in a Subaru. I have a 2000 Outback. Thank you!!
Name, Chelsea EDD, 2/8 Other Children, Landon who is 7 months old. Yes, this was a complete surprise pregnancy!! lol Team, Healthy is all I care about!
Tania- Losing weight is hands down the hardest thing I've ever done. Just getting into the right mindset can take me months. It's a constant battle of the mind. I would give so much to be one of those people who is just naturally thin and doesn't value/love food like I do. I said I would start eating healthy yesterday......yeah, that didn't happen. But, I am making a list and menu for the week right now, and plan to start a little today and jump full force into it...
Rosemary, that's great! Maybe I will look into that Jillian Michaels book. I've heard of it and thought about getting it.   AFM, once again, I'm doing terribly. Truly just eating whatever I want. I feel gross and SO out of shape, yet that doesn't motivate me at all to change. I am really stuck in a rut with my eating. Clothes aren't fitting me right and they look terrible on me these days. I know that I'm gaining. I guess my issue is that I don't know what I want to...
Aaaaannnnnnnddddddd, I just ate some Girl Scout cookies. Ugh!!! So mad at myself. I was doing so well. I cannot let that little slip get me out of eating healthy. I can't. 
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