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My due date is wrong on the first page. Felt first kick on. 15 of dec and am due on 24 of May. Thanks!
Just another perspective here. The name Nachshon is pronounced with the guttural ch as in the German "Bach" and is still a very popular name in our culture (Jewish and Israeli). He's got a great biblical namesake, as if memory serves, Nachshon was the first guy to jump into the Red Sea during the time of the. Exodus from Egypt, demonstrating his total belief that HaShem. (G-d) would save the Israelites from their Egyptian oppressors, who were hot on their tails. All the...
Ok, so my first kick due date would be the 15 of May and due date is 23, I think. I think it's wrong on the first page. Says the first of May. Thx! Fun.
Yep....I'm thinking I'll be ultrasound free for the first time. Gulp.
First kicks yesterday. What does this mean again? Lol.
Pretty ladies !
We'll do what we do every year, meet with the rest of our village for the village Chanukah lighting, using a Chanukiah we all helped the resident stone sculpter to make out of a giant boulder with giant torches he's nestled in huge wells of oil. Sing, play instruments, eat sufganiot, and celebrate the many birthdays in the community that fall on various nights. Nearly all of us will also light at home, as well. Each child (and adult) has her own chanukiah and we sing the...
Soooo with you. 5th baby on the way and my intestines were like..."oh, hey, well just move up here and out of the way for ya, baby!" I have very obliging intestines.
Indeed. I'm looking forward to family meals at the holidays!
I'm with octane! I always go through depression with pregnancies...it's rough and I'm often quite sick for much of it. Even at the end I'm feeling awful, but post birth, I feel tremendous and it's instant. I'm just not a happy pregnant woman.
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