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I just finished reading this lovely book to my little one. It mentions mothers milk twice and after the baby bears are done venturing out of the den and are tired after a long day the mother nurses her cubs and their bellies are full (paraphrasing) Such a nice book! http://www.amazon.com/Bears-Molly-Gr...7148873&sr=1-1
Quote: Originally Posted by miz_macoo You guys are all so lucky!! Ever since I had mirena inserted I've had random crampy pains and my hair is sooooooooooooo greasy it needs to be washed EVERY day!! I used to only need to wash it every 3-4 days. It's also been falling out HEAPS! About triple the amount it used to. And I have very thin hair and not a lot of it so any hair loss is BAD!! Did you get it postpartum? My hair fell out pp twice not...
Fuzzi bunz petite toddlers are good, they have the rise of a large but the waist and leg size of mediums.
mine hurt too. I prefer the PIS.
What convinced my DH when we went back to sposies at the end of my pregnancy was the amount of trash we generated. It's his job to separate the recyclables and take it all to the dump so he could see how much extra trash (work) there was and with two in diapers it would be double. I do all the washing and stuffing and have disposable wipes available for him so I really do make it as easy as possible which it sounds like you are doing. Keep reinforcing the benefits!
subbing-my middle child weaned at 11 mos in conjunction w/a strike.
One a Day for women with a side of fish oil.
1. Are prefolds really that great? Especially for night? How are contours better or worse than regular prefolds? I used prefolds in the nb stage because they outgrow them so fast. And at night they usually poop at every feeding in the first few weeks so absorbancy isn't such an issue. Looking back I'm glad I didn't invest a lot in diapers for the first few weeks. We switched to small fuzzibunz at around 12 lbs. 2. What kind of covers are best? If they don't have...
I would love one but at $199 for the phone, $130 a month for the service (not including fees and taxes) it's already over $1700 for the first year. I can't justify it.
I started after my son was a week old. I laugh now when I open the freezer to add more and look at the first bag which is orange from colostrum. I have 130 ounces in my stash. With my other two I would pump decent volume in the first few weeks of going back but eventually I would only get an ounce from each breast per session and that was definitely not enough. So with my second and this one I pump like mad while on leave so I can avoid formula as long as possible.
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