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You did hear there will be more Dr. Horrible according to Joss at Comic Con. So, can't wait. Our whole family love's Dr. Horrible!
We love Miyazaki here and Studio Ghibli. DS has a first draft for a postcard to Miyazaki on the refrigerator -- he is asking for more episodes of Panda! Go Panda! and he recently built "the Temple in the Clouds" from legos and various characters from Miyazaki's films showed up. I loved it when Patsu and Sheeta floated down to visit. DD loves Gigi from Kiki -- we make her little black cats that talk (okay, I do the voice). We have all been Totoro's in our...
Glad to see the thread has shrunk to a weekly. Sorry to see I hit it on the last day We are recovering from 2 weeks of ickiness (or sickness). In that time we have had an at home birthday celebration (twice) for dd who turned 3, burned and roasted everything we could think of in the fireplace (I <3 roasted bananas), re-created a public transit system out of cardboard, fallen in love with Astroboy, received our first CSA box, made many cakes, read many books, created a...
for the op (and everyone else) -- we have a few bit of IKEA odds and ends. The family favorite though, has to be ds' ekorre rope ladder. It holds dh and myself as well. We have it installed over his bed (he has our old pillowtop mattress) and we all love to climb, swing, twist and fall off it. BTW dh is 200 + lbs -- those ekorre hooks secured into a stud are pretty darn sturdy!
I loved the Black Stallion series and the aforementioned Misty!
Oooh, me!
We make our own maps. Very basic ones going to specific places (think Dora) with just a few landmarks that the children know. That way they can follow them and figure out where we are (if they want to). Also, we have fun making maps of imaginary places (Neopia, the digital realm, turning our backyard into a fairy world). Have you thought of making a map of your house? That is something very concrete in her world and seeing you create it might make a...
We knew long before we had kids we would homeschool. DH and I were just too bored in school and figured we could do a pretty decent job. What we didn't know: That I would stay home full time (always figured it would be dh) or that we would unschool Glad we do all of the above!
I work part-time. I pull 20 hours on the weekend at a University Library. I stay home with ds and dd during the week and on the weekend Dad gets them. It works out very well. Do you even need a curriculum? A messy house is one in which much living, learning and loving is taking place!
I know what the kids and I are doing in the morning! Okay, I know I will!! Thanks for the link!
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