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Thank you for your ideas, Ann Marie and Yogamama! I book-marked the sight, there are some great games on there. My scrapbook class is today- I incorparated some of those games plus a treasure hunt- wish me luck! My dd is so excited- she made a big sign for the porch that says KIDS CROP. Ususally she is not allowed to stay for my crops, so she is thrilled that this one is just for her and she has helped me with the planning, the snacks, etc. And she is planning to...
Messy but fun: Help the kids make two footprints side by side. (Using washable paint.) The left foot goes on the right and the right foot goes on the left. Let them dry, then use a black marker to add two attenna. It really does look like a butterfly! Too cute!!
I am having about 8 to 10 kids over for a scrapbooking class two days from now. I wanted to break up the scrapbooking with simple games. The kids will be between ages 5 to 13. Can you share with me some simple, easy games you have played with kids this age? We are going to play "Telephone," and I'm looking for other games in that genre. What games do your kids like to play? Thank you mamas!!!!
I had my first when I was 27. Unplanned. But definitely meant to be. (I found out I was NINE WEEKS pregnant about 2 months before I got married- one of my first thoughts was - "Oh wow- will my wedding dress still fit??" LOL!!)
Almost none... Breakfast is cereal and fruit, lunch is sandwiches and cut up veggies. Dh cooks dinner 9 out of 10 nights.
Well, in the strictest terms, LLL leaders shouldn't be discouraging OR encouraging EBF. Our job is to give information that empowers the mom to decide for herself. For example, if a mom says "I'm thinking of weaning my 2 year old," a LLL Leader might say "There are many benefits to nursing a toddler (give examples here) but if a mom feels it is time to move on, there are many ways to wean gently (give examples here). Are you having any particular problems with your...
Hey, HappyDay, I'm not a single mom and I'm not moving anytime soon BUT I wanted to make sure you knew about this awesome resource: http://www.co-abode.com/ Its a website dedicated to match up single moms who want to share housing, childcare etc!! Good luck with your move!!
Dear Pamela, coming in late to say that I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I'll be thinking of you and your family.
Very sweet! Thank you for the link. I do go to TwoPeas sometimes but I missed this LO. I thought the journaling was nice- it was honest- this mom has mixed feelings about nursing an older child- and she expressed that- and also expressed her love for her daughter and the things she likes about nursing. Kerc, I hear ya about the non-AP atmosphere at TwoPeas- it is a completely different world, isn't it? I only go to the "General Scrappin'" board where its almost all...
a big hug for your daughter, and one for you too!!
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