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I've noticed that when ds needs to back up for any reason, like backing out of his tunnel or something, he beeps like a truck backing up!! "beep...beep...beep!" It is just so sweet and unselfconscious. He really just thinks thats what trucks (and people!) do when they back up.
Great! I co-sleep with my 6yo and 2yo and we are snuggly and happy all night long! 2 yo still nurses a few times overnight, but I just through it.
I began co-sleeping part-time with dd at about 18 months. It was full time by age two. We love it!!
False! I love avocado, but don't like lemon juice. The person below me studied Latin in high school.
I really can't stand SpongeBob- and I admit, I've never seen an episode!! Just something about the look irritates me so much. DD and I had a funny conversation about it the other day. DD: Mom, who don't you like SpongeBob? Me: Oh...well, he just looks so strange!! DD: Well, your husband is strange, and you like him! LMAO!!!!!! :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL
Thanks MaMaLi! Does "top dress" just mean sprinkle all around the plants?
Dh and I are first time gardeners this summer. We planted a vegetable garden a few days ago. We used a rototilller to churn up the soil and planted seedlings of tomato, broccoli, peppers, and cucumbers. Also seeds of cantelope and pumpkin. Just as we were finishing up, we realized we TOATLLY FORGOT about adding cow manure. Many people had advised us to get manure and mix it in while using the rototiller and we intended to but then just forgot all about it until we...
6 years and counting!
I just wanted to add that in regards to the mastitis, it is important to nurse or pump *very frequently* in the early weeks if you are prone to mastitis. Every time you feel at all full, grab your baby! Every two hours may be too long between feedings, especially in the very beginning. Good luck mama
: to Toddlers that are Two!!!
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