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Mamaduck, here's my thought- doing it WITH the kids makes you all unhappy and ending up in tears. DOing it WITHOUT them is upsetting too, but much more briefly. So, I would do it alone. It may seem disrespectful, but if it has to be done, the 2nd way really is the least upsetting for everyone.
When I was 19, I told a friend I would never breastfeed because it was "just gross." (I am now a LLL leader and breastfed dd until she was 4!)
I am so sorry to say that the lawyer you are discussing, Liz Baldwin, passed away last year! She was a wonderful advocate for mama-and-baby-togetherness. Do contact LLL though- all leaders have access to a Legal Liason who sould be able to hook you up with necessary references, contacts, etc.
Buy or borrow a few CDs from the library and start singing along! Raffi's CD's are full of easy, sing-along favorites. I bet a 4-year-old would also love the Beatles!
Quote: Originally posted by dh2lotusdeb There needs to be conversations between OP and her DH, with her exploring why he wants a firearm, and _if_ they get one, how will it be handled IRT storage, training, etc. No, actually, there doesn't. The OP is a mom who wants to protect her child. And she doesn't need her dh's "permission" to do so.
YES! We always get emails with infected attachments and of course we never open them. Often the subject line will be something general like viagra or bankruptcy (those are the two biggies) but I got one the other day that said "Bob the Builder?" and that freaked me out!!
dh2lotusdeb, you are kidding yourself. Guns are dangerous and do not belong in a house with children. Ever. Period. "Under my positive control," hah. That says it all to me. Common delusion- "all those other gun-owners are idiots, but *I'm* under control of my gun!" Training a 4 yearold what to do when they see a gun?? Are you actually for real??? Yes, this makes me furious. Men putting women and children in danger so they can feel tough and in control. ...
There is NO WAY I would EVER have a gun in this house with my children. DH could "insist" til he was blue in the face- doesn't matter- NO way NO how NEVER. Your dh does know that this gun far far more likely to injure a family member than protect them, right? You don't need to divorce him or move out- just state the simple fact that there will NOT be a gun in your home.
Oooh, I love it!!! So cute and sweet!!! (your outfit AND your daughter, of course!)
I've watched it at least 10 times now! (Glad to hear I'm not the only one!) Dh had downloaded both songs off the web for me (I have two new favorite songs!!) I showed to it to my 6 year old and my 2 year old. I forwarded to my mom, my LLL friend, and my babygroup friends. Dh is ready for me to stop talking about it. It is just SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
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