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I totally disagree that kids should know how to read before age 5. My dd went to kindergarten at age 5.9. She couldn't read at all, still didn't know her lower case letters, etc. She is now 6.6 and a beginning reader! She has learned soooooooo much this year!! When she was ready. I thinking learning your letters and beginning to read can happen "normally" anytime between 18 months and 7 years. Unfortunately, society has become obsessed with pushing...
My six year old Chloe says: It was so adorable! (She picked the smilies too!)
Thank you!! i'm trembling!
Grahamsmom98, that is just so unkind of you to purposely address your nephew's wife by a name that is not hers and that you KNOW annoys her. If I was her, I would adress all correspondance to YOU using Ms. YourMaidenName! Because I am just that childish! :LOL I am Ms. Mylast name. Don't call me Mrs!!! Don't call me by dh's last or first name!!! Please That said, I really truly honestly DON'T get annoyed when strangers use Mrs or dh's last name with me....
I think a good reply would be to say seriously, "No she is not controlling me. I choose to breastfeed her." Or, equally good. "GROW UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!" ITA- these people are trying to control YOU. Grrrrrr!!!!
I really don't think it has anything to do with intact / circumsized. My ds is intact and I babysit so I change a lot of diapers. DS is definitely among the smaller! (DS, please forgive me for posting this!)
Oh, I see Gemini, you actually answered for me!!! Takes me a while... If I Recall Correctly. THANK YOU!!
oh my! If I can't bump it, what should I do? Maybe start a thread in TAO entitled "Please tell me what IIRC means!" Anyone?? IIRC? TIA!!
Bump! IIRC? Please tell me, its driving me crazy!
You are not over-reacting!! Three is way too little!! Just tell the in-laws that you and/or dh need to stay and DS will spend the week alone when he's older. Don't let them give you any grief over it- the idea is crazy!!
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