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This is a timely thread for me because just yesterday my MIL offered one of their smaller TV's to be set up in dd's bedroom! I said "Oh, no, thank you so much but we really don't want a TV in her room." MIL was somewhat offended- "But its just a SMALL TV." LOL!!!! Um, no!
It's more than OK- it's normal, natural, healthy, and wonderful! No "harm" can come from nursing your baby as often as she likes! If its working for you and its working for her, you have no problem - don't let someone else try to create one for you!!
There is a song by Swingset Mamas called "Queen of the Universe" and it gets me through some really rough days... Mama lights the candles Mama sings the song This child is growing good His mama is so strong! "Mama takes a deep breath, Your work is never done Mama is pure energy She's a sister to the sun! You bring the light and the life And the burning sometimes hurts You are my mama mama mama Queen of the universe
I only have a moment but I just wanted to say that you are doing ANYTHING wrong, and from your post it sounds like you are doing EVERYTHING right. It *will* get easier, this *will* pass, and your older daughter *will* calm down eventually. Have a good cry whenever you need one. Stay strong mama- your dd is still a sweet, loving girl and that part of her will surface again.
Uh huh, women *need* cosmetic surgery to be beautiful. :Puke Hey! That's the first time I've used the puke smiley- and it could not be more fitting!!
Thank you, thank you all...what can I say, I'm just that talented!
My toddler and I have both had breakfast and we are both dressed in clean clothes. Not bad for 11am, eh? Why is this job so exhausting???:LOL :LOL :LOL
Oh, ocean, I understand how you feel!! I felt that way when I was pregnant with #2, also. And of course it took a while to adjust after the new baby, but soon enough I felt that everything had fallen into place and I loved my new family. I was reassured to find that I loved my first baby just the same after my second. She was still just as special, just as beautiful, just as cherished as she always was! She was still my baby. And so was my new baby! When I...
What a beautiful, beautiful story- I am in tears- thank you so much for sharing that!! Patti
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