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I had a VBAC with a epi with my second.  I had labored for 24 hours prior to receiving the epidural.  I also knew my baby was in an optimal position (LOA, 6 cm, and at 0 station).  It is hard to say if my labor slowed down as it was incredibly slow the entire labor.  I delivered 12 hours after receiving the epi.  I only pushed for 45 min with a 9+lb baby.  BTW - My first birth was an induction and I pushed for 3 hours and he never moved down.  DS1 was 7lbs 5 oz.
I am an obsessive rule follower, and I think you are totally OK. None of the options you presented were "reasonable" for your family.
I attended my DONA workshop when my DS1 was 7 months old. My MIL brought him to me throughout my classes and I nursed him there. I also pumped on one of the short days and she fed him one bottle. It was definitely not ideal, but I knew the opportunity to have a DONA workshop in my town again anytime soon was not probable. I have enjoyed being DONA certified. The advantages to me are good continuing education, well respected credentials, and numerous referrals from the...
I had a VBAC at MH - The Woodlands in February. They were very VBAC friendly for a hospital, and they were definitely baby friendly. If you can make the drive to The Woodlands, I would recommend it. Best wishes for your VBAC.
Eli is about the same age and does the same thing. After about 10 minutes on the first side, he pulls off and starts smiling at me. I know that I have an abundant supply of milk, plus he has gained a ton of weight, so I assume that he is getting enough to get full in that amount of time. I always offer again within a couple of minutes in case he just wants a breather, but he rarely will latch on. He is not a comfort nurser at all, so when he is done, he unlatches. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscuits & Gravy I have a Bumgenius organic AIO and it is super trim. I love that diaper. I love it too. It is even trim on my 2 month old.
I have had it with both of my boys. With my older DS, I went to the doctor who gave me a brace. After wearing the brace for a couple of weeks, it totally went away. With my new little one, it is starting to get better, and I am able to use it more now. I would definitely recommend a brace. It has worked wonders for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by txgal Congratulations doula sister, so happy for you!!! You did an awesome job. Debbie is the bomb diggity isn't she? We should start a Debbie fan club. I tell her I want to be just like her when I grow up You are sooooo right about Debbie. She was fantastic!! :
Congrats! You did amazing!
My older son had hernia surgery with Dr. Jones (ped uro) at TCH a little over a year ago. He was 2.5 at the time. We were very scared as well, but it went great. In our appointments prior to the surgery, Dr. Jones was pretty matter of fact, but I thought he listened to our concerns. He was fantastic the day of the surgery and in phone response to some of our post op concerns. We have since heard from several of our friends in the medical community that Dr. Jones is...
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