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Lets see, regret being circumcised?  Regret that the most important part of my anatomy for sexual function and feeling was removed for no good reason?  Regret that I had to suffer through the trauma of unbearable pain on the order of waterboarding or worse, when I couldn't deal with it mentally as an infant?  Regret that my (and my partner's) sexual experience was a lukewarm shadow of what it could have been?   Oh yes, big time.   But I had no idea.  And if I had...
You were given bad information by a clueless doctor.  You cannot make a diagnosis of phimosis at 5 years of age.  Here is reference:   http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org/pdf/2008-03retractileforeskinleaflet.pdf   http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/phony-phimosis-diagnosis.html   Makes sure the doctor does not try and retract the child's foreskin.    Regards
Here are some good ones that should fit the bill.  First is one that is quick and too the point.  More importantly, it is by doctors, so has good credibility and should be good for the first concern you mentioned.   http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org/pdf/DOC_trifold_brochure.pdf   Here is another, interactive site that might be good:   http://circumcisiondecisionmaker.com/   Here is a very thorough discussion of how to care for an intact male, and...
It wasn't a big deal with my sons.  I simply answered in an age appropriate way.  Simple, honest, direct answers seemed to satisfy them.   We also bough two books on puberty.  I read them first, and annotated the sections with misinformation or misleading information about foreskins.  We left them lying around to read.  They looked at them, but didn't seem to do much more than a quick read.   Regards
  Listen to the words he is using.  He is saying he doesn't believe you.  But you are giving him facts.  He must give you alternative facts, not opinions.   "Made fun of"  silly argument that people believe because of all the fearmongering that pro circ people spew.  If it isn't foreskin, it will be something else.  that is the way kids are.  does he propose to stop all teasing?  what about giving your son the mental attitidue to withstand cruel teasing that will come his...
    They may not be stating that it is recommended, but they are passively agressively promoting it big time.  That is why you thought they were...   Regards
Thanks for your insight.  And that is a very good point.  If the belief system is unambigous on commanding infants to be circumcsied, then there is probably no way to open that person's mind to other ways of thinking about circumsion.   As you say, "full stop".   Regards
Let me start by describing what I see as two different styles for decision making and exploring issues.  Of course, these can be used together and can be disguised, so it is not always easy to draw a clear line between the two.  And people can start with logic and when that doesn't work revert to faith, for example, so it can get confusing and feel like you are on shifting sand.  But, for the sake of this discussion, let me draw a hard line between them.   The first...
In another thread, I said:      If you wish to read the whole thread, it is here:   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1356931/does-anyone-regret-not-circumcising-this-is-not-a-pro-circ-thread-just-curious-about-the-medical-complications   This topic of how to approach different people generated some interest, so I am starting this thread for that discussion.   Regards
I am, but think we should probably do that in the subsection on intactivism.  I will start a new thread there.   Cheers!
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