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I'm a little late posting this, I've been in babymoon land.   We had a wonderful homebirth on 2/3 - Rhona Jean was born at 5:13 pm 8 pds 2 oz 19 3/4 inches. DH caught the baby (it was another water birth) and she was born in the caul. We didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl, I kind of thought it was going to be a boy and was really surprised when DH said it was a girl.
Kellybeth ~ the other ladies have given you some great advice. Sending good and hurry up and go into labor vibes your way.   For those that have given birth ~ how sore are you? How are you healing? DD is now 10 days old. I stayed in bed for the first few days, did a little bit too much, landed myself back on bed rest for 3 days because I was bleeding too heavily. Yesterday I did get up and do a few things and my whole pelvic region is so sore.
Congrats mama!
Congrats! Happy babymoon.
Congrats on your babies! I'm sorry that you all had (and still having) a rough start. It sounds like you have a lot going on and big hats off for nursing/pumping/doing everything you can to AP your babies. Keep us posted on how they are doing.
How many weeks are you now? I'm 39 weeks today - woohoo!   Having new symptoms or annoyances? Well plenty of annoyances, but I'm trying to remind myself that pregnancy won't last forever.   What's making you smile this week? My husband is home and not deployed.   Are you getting some early labour signs? Yes, which is getting really frustating.   How ready do you feel for your birth on a scale of 1-10 100! I'm ready to have this baby. Trying to be patient,...
DH knows what I need to get done and as much as I like making lists (and even better crossing everything off), once labor hits I'm in labor land and could really care less what is going on. It does help that this is our 3rd baby and 2nd homebirth though.
have baby
I <3 you, Amanda! Congrats again.
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