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Great advice.
That's a really tough situation to be in. I was in one similar with my first. I really wanted a homebirth and DH was not comfortable having one with our first. I wish I would have listened to my instincts and had a hb. Yes, I had a "natural" birth at the hospital but even with my husband and doula supporting me - we still had to fight on just about everything. It was very frustrating and not something you want to deal with while in labor and/or after you have had your...
Congrats! Happybabymoon.
yeah! That is so exciting.
DH is a runner and he uses the double BOB and loves it. It's our only stroller so I use it as well, if I need too. Keep checking out craigslist & kid consigment stores for strollers.
I had a man (I had never met) tell me at a Christmas party - "Oh, you must be due on the Dec 25th." No - actually I'm not, I have a ways to go. Then he responded back with, "Oh no, you will go on the 25th."   The best was earlier this month though - a young looking woman (maybe 18?) came up to me at Kohl's: Her: Ooohhhh, when are you due? Me: Feb Her: Ohhh (in a sad voice) you are so much bigger than I was. Me: You know that's rude to say to me,...
My SPD is back. I'm feeling pretty bad. I overdid it yesterday and I'm really paying for it today. Can't wait to go to the chiro on Saturday.
I'm keeping you in my prayers. You are taking a huge step and I'm so glad that you have a supportive family to help you during this time. Please update us if you can.
Sending you big hugs, Josie. What he is saying and doing is not right. I see from your sig that you all are a Christian family. Can you go to your priest/pastor/preacher and talk to them about this? Perhaps going to them first alone. Or does your Church have a counselling program/couples retreat that might be of help? Do you have church friends that he would listen to?   It just sends up a huge red flag to me that he is being so controlling over your food intake and...
I have been looking for a long sleeve nursing night gown and have not had any luck. Anybody else know where to find one?
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