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We have two k'tans - one for DH and one for me - because of our height weight differences we had to get 2. But, we do like them.
DH & I were just talking about this. My goal is to have about 30 meals in our deep freezer. He is the military and won't be here a lot after baby #3 is here. I will have a few lasagnas, mostly bunch of crock pot meals, quiches, along with lots of muffins.
Thank you!!
I like Strider on Facebook and am already a fan of Mothering.
We are still nursing. DD just turned 2 on Tuesday. She is down to 2x a day thought. I'm kind of suprised that I lost my milk 2 weeks ago. When I was pregnant with my DD (and nursing my DS), I never lost my milk and then went on to tandem nurse for another 6 months after she was born. This time, I really would like for her to be weaned before the new baby comes. I feel great that I have nursed her for 2 years but also a bit guilty that I'm nudging the weaning process along.
Welcome to the group! Keep us posted on how you are doing.
Our family takes a laid back approach to EC'ing. For my first, I didn't start until 6 months and put him on the potty before/after naps/bath/bed. We did lots of naked time (we lived in Florida) and still used cloth diapers when we left the house. He was out of diapers right after his 2nd birthday. With my second, I started earlier - maybe around 2 months old. I put her on the potty the same way I did with my DS. She will turn 2 next week and has been out of cd's for...
Teles - If you were doing "regular" yoga before - you can always go back and do it now. I did hot yoga (although not recommended) up until the 3rd tri with both my kiddos. I'm can't do it this time because I haven't been done it in about 2 1/2 years (moved and couldn't find a studio that I liked). Go to a regular yoga class and just do the modifcations - if you need too.
I'm going to do belly binding this time. This is my 3rd pregnancy and we want more kids, so I'm all for anything that might help get things in place. Now I need to start doing some research.
Our son got a (wooden) balance bike (can't remember the brand name) when he was 2 1/2. He picked it up pretty quickly and by 3 1/2 went to a regular bike with no problems at all (and no training wheels). He loved his balancce bike and it was such an easy transition for him to go to a regular bike.
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