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We have now started telling folks (I'm 15wk4d). I wanted to wait a bit longer, but decided to just to spread the word. I'm been very suprised that everyone has been happy about it (except my DH's parents of course).
I had an (unwanted) episotomony with my 1st. I was pressured from the midwife to get one, because she said I was going to star tear & that we had to get that baby out now! My whole hospital experience wasn't the best - looking back I think/know/feel that if I had the mental strength to tell her no and that I was going to try pushing in a different position (other than my back) than things would have been different. FWIW, it was still an unmedicated birth. The tear & the...
I second/third getting involved with LLL. With both of my first two pregnancies, I was new in town. I went to LLL meetings to connect with like-minded moms and found my closest friends there.
DH only gets 10 days and it's not guaranteed. I'm hoping that he will be able to take them and that he will be here for the birth. I agree, that I would have your DH ask for more than he wants and then it can be whittled down from there.
I'm sorry you are going through this! Can I ask why you had to be tested so early? Doesn't it usually happen at 20 weeks?
I don't feel bad (yet!) and I'm a bit farther along than you. I can't really explain it well enough, but I like to keep the news private for a while. We will probably start telling the rest of the family in the next week or so.
Yes, dynamic is the best way that I can put it (at least for this command). It's good to know that DH is being open to it, even if it is hard for him.
cute picture ~ Jenny01!   We still haven't told everyone. Just a few select friends and our immediate family. Probably will wait a few more weeks.
Just had my first midwife appointment today (13w4d)! I got to hear the heartbeat. I immediately started crying.  Just wish DH could have been there. Hopefully he will make it to one of the appts, although as long as he is there for the birth, I'm fine with it.   And I love that my midwife came to my house. Really beats dragging the kiddos with me. What about everyone else? Anybody have an appt this week?
I think that we are the only Floridans!
New Posts  All Forums: