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I don't think there is a *normal* when it comes to military life. :)   Welcome to both of you. :)
For me, it was a big transition going from career corporate world to SAHM. I love being a SAHM (4 years now!) but it wasn't easy. From a military wife perspective, I'm so glad that I stayed home. DH's schedule is very dynamic and sometimes I might only see him during the day. I wouldn't have that if I was working my old schedule.
Yes!!!   We didn't find out the last two times and we won't find out this time either. For us, there is nothing more magical than finding out during birth.
Yeah!!! I'm exactly 12 weeks today. :joy:joy Now if I could just stop puking and feeling like crud.
I switched from a birth center (about 30-40 minutes away) to a homebirth at 36 weeks. So, no I don't think it is crazy. give them a call & see what they say.
Right now we are stationed in SW Florida but our hometown is SE VA. We will be here for the next 2 years & then who know where we will be stationed next.
I'm so sorry.
Still nursing here - no plans on stopping. Dd is 21 months old. With DS he nursed during my pregnancy & then I tandemed nursed for another 6 months. DS weaned when he turned 3. I was one of those very rare women where I only had a small dip in supply & my milk stayed almost until the end & then I had colstrum. It's really important to me that I nurse my kids for 2 years - so we will keep on trucking.
Do we have any military mamas in this DDC? DH is in the CG.
So excited for this thread!   This is my 3rd child and will be my 2nd homebirth. I will be using a new midwife this time though. DD's birth was in the water. I loved having a waterbirth and really wished that I had listented to my instincts and gone with a homebirth with my DS, instead of going to the hospital.   Now, I just have to figure out a way to get my insurance company to pay for the hb!   We have planted both placentas. Will probably do the same with...
New Posts  All Forums: