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True! It's not actually saving us anything on energy costs. Plus I hate losing an hour sleep and keeping with the day light savings time theme... TNP is tired and was not able to sleep in today.
Maybe it's just your store? The one near me asked me for my address and I told them no. They didn't bug me about it. I would just keep being firm, you can always give them a bogus address if you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by gardenia What about last names......we are wondering about hyphenating or using both our last names......any thoughts? When DH & I got married 5 years ago, we merged our names together to create one new last name. So it became hislastnamemylastname, except only 9 letters. We love, love, love that our last name is unique and is part of both of us. We did it through the court system and it was very easy.
We just decided last night. If it is a boy - Seamus Walter; if it is a girl Nora Regan. Both middle names are for grandparents. It was really hard to decide on a girl's name. Fiona was one of our top picks, ColwynsMommy!
If it makes you feel better, you aren't the only one going through this. I went to a 2nd trimester class and also brought up that I was going to have a Doula and quite a few of them had no idea what I was talking about. It's really sad when I stop and think about how some people really don't educate themselves at all about such a huge moment in their lives.
Was he sober when you had this conversation? Kidding, but I think that he is totally nuts for even suggesting it. I'd have a long talk with him, but this is an issue that I wouldn't budge on.
I do a lot of yoga and while I don't have a lot of back issues, here are some of the postures that I do when it bothers me: Cat and Cow- I'm a firm believer that pregnant woman should do this posture at least every day. Try a wide legged Child's pose. I also find Downward Dog to help me out when just about anything bothering my body. Since I'm a big believer in the power of yoga, I'd of course recommend for you to take some prenatal yoga classes. Good luck!
Please add me to the list: Brenna - Due June 30th Not finding out the gender
It's my first as well and I started feeling flutters at WK 20. Now at WK 23, I'm feeling more kickes, but ony when I'm laying or sitting down. I don't feel it when I'm at about. DH felt the baby move for the first time yesterday. It was so exciting.
False. This is our first, so we don't have any other kids. TNP is going to exercise today.
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