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I hope your DH is okay!
Christy ~ looking good! Qerratsmom ~ Yeah, I'd like some too. That was take on our "babymoon" and we were down in Cozumel.
LOL! It is more of a challenge to do the standing balancing postures when you are pregnant. I can't go as high as I would like anymore and there are a bunch of my fav poses that I'm having more and more trouble with. I know that it is my body's way of saying, slow down, but it takes some getting used to.
Thanks, Chalex!
This is such a good read. I'd love to hear more postive hospital births. We are going to have to go to a hospital this time and I'm determined to have a wonderful birth experience.
False ~ Lucikly that hasn't happened to me yet (knocking on wood). TNP is having a baby shower thrown for her.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaHen2J&J Thats so great to hear! Where is your family stationed? I'm on Standard, and seeing a civilian mw, but she recently informed me she'll be off island for about a week in June for her daughters college graduation... so its not always guaranteed! We are stationed in Milton, but I'm being seen at the P'cola naval hospital.
Here are a few of my surprise baby belly ~ Wk16d2 Wk20d3 doing Standing Bow My most recent Wk22
I had my 22wk appointment yesterday and it went so well. I love that my mw takes the time with me and I don't feel so rushed. The big downside is that since I'm at a military hospital, whoever is on rotation is whoever I get for labor. I'm just praying that my mw will be there when I deliver.
DH & I really want to see this film, but it's not coming out anywhere near us. We might go ahead and sign up for the netflix free trail just so that we can see it.
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