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I don't have any words of wisdom. Have you talked to your midwife? Ill keep you in my prayers.
I'm 10w6 and we have only told our immediate family. Our 4 year old doesn't know yet. We will tell our son & close friends @ q 12 weeks. Probably wont tell db world until 14-15 weeks.
My daughter's name is moira too.
I don't know if we need anything else. I have a boy & a girl, so I'm set on clothes & gear. Maybe a few more newborn Cd. Oh I'd love a housekeeper or a cleaning service when #3 comes.
Name Brenna Edd 2-7 4 year old boy & 21 month old girl team green all the way
I'm new! My due date is Feb 7. I have a 4 year oldl boy, a 21 month old girl - now all 3 kiddos will be 28 months apart. I'm excited and nervous!
Oh, mommakitten, I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. It reminds me off all the horrible things that happend in Camp Lejeune with the water contamination.
Hey Mamas! We are a coastie family, have a DS (almost 3) & a DD ( 4 1/2 months).
DS is 2 1/2, 30 pounds and really wets through his nighttime diapers. We are using BG (w/3 inserts). It's as if he saves up all of his pee for night and he is really soaking through his diaper & pj's. I think he is just too big for the BG's and he just pees too much at night. He is finally STTN, so I don't want to wake him up to go pee when we go to bed.   Any suggestions on other diapers we could use? TIA!
This time, I had lost all of the pregnancy weight by 3 weeks. Crazy! Last time it took 9 months. But, even though I'm now the same weight, nothing fits right. My boobs are much bigger and so is my muffin top.
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