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This is our first pregnancy and we want to be surprised. I just can't think of any bigger surprise than DH catching Baby Noodles and telling me (and the world!) if it is a girl or a boy. Plus, we love surprises. One other big reason for me is that I don't want clothes, baby stuff to be so genderfied. I don't want to get a ton of just pink or just blue clothes, etc.
I'm not feeling anything, but I'm only 13w6d.
What is your favorite book? What do you do to relax?
I finally downloaded some belly shots! Wk6d1 Wk11d2 Wk13d1
What do you and your DH like to do on date night? Where is your fav vacation spot?
I hope that you are able to rest up and get better soon!
It's baby noodles. Noodles is one of my nick-name (since I'm very flexible due to yoga) and babies are natural yogis. Since we don't plan on finding out the sex, we will be calling the it by this name until it's due date.
Sending good thoughts your way, Christy.
I'm so sorry! We have been there and I know exactly how you feel. Big hugs your way.
12w3d here. I had a really rough night on Monday where I couldn't keep anything down. My sinuses are going crazy by going from freezing CT to warm Southeastern VA in the past day. And my belly has decided that it doesn't like any sort of restriction. My pants are so uncomfortable, but I'm not ready for maternity clothes just yet. I'm still in denial.
New Posts  All Forums: