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My pants are getting too tight. I have to keep the top button open. I didn't think it would happen this soon. I'll be 10 weeks on Saturday. I broke down today and bought a pair of jeans that are 1 size up from my normal size.
Yeah! Glad the appointment went so well.
Wow! Great news.
What great news!
What was your last vacation? How do you make time for you and your DH?
Christy ~ what do you like to do for fun? What is your favorite date night?
Thinking of you!
Hang in there, Birthfree! I hope that you are feeling better soon. Quote: Originally Posted by BlueMoonBean I can't even brush my teeth... glad you guys are online and not IRL, I don't think you'd talk to me with my horrid breath, . Oh exactly! Last night after I brushed my teeth, I started gagging and the next thing you know I was projectiling vomitting. It was scary how far that stuff went!
I am so upset right now. Actually, upset doesn't even begin to describe how angry I am with this whole situation. They ended up giving DH the vax today. Even though he protested and explained them why he couldn't have it, they still made him. What frustrates me even more was that one of his classmates went to a different doctor on Monday and because his wife was pregnant, he didn't have to get the vax. I wanted to see him so badly at Thanksgiving and now that is not...
We want to be suprised, so we won't be finding out the gender.
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