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Some students are fine to do twists during their practice, but once your belly gets bigger, you won't be able to do. The most important thing that I tell my students is to listen to their body - don't push yourself too hard. I wouldn't recommend headstands, but you should be fine in plow, bridge and wheel (for now).
DH is safe, thanks for asking Christy. He is actually at OCS (officer canidate school) and they are giving the smallpox vax to everyone who doesn't already have it. kltroy ~ He won't be getting it until next Tuesday. He is coming home 17 days after he gets the smallpox vax. I'm just worried about it being enough time passing. Cardinal ~ I feel the same way, I just don't trust their answers.
Got a call from DH that they are giving him the smallpox vax on Tuesday. I was suppossed to go see him at Thanksgiving. : That is not going to happen now. I spent about 30 minutes with the CDC on the phone today and their answer was that he shouldn't get the vax at all since it is a risk for me. I don't think that is an option. I have my first midwive appointment on Friday, hopefully she will have some advice for me. I'm just really frustrated and had to vent....
Greeba - missed your post. Do you have a lot of problems with people not being able to pronounce Seamus?
anarchamama ~ Great name. Boy - Seamus Girl - Moria At least that is what we are going with right now.
I feel the same way!
Back pain is nothing to mess around with. An eleptical and/or a bike would be a great way to lose weight with little stress. You also might want to consider heading to a pool. Not sure if that is an option in your area. Good luck and hugs. I hope your DH gets the help he needs.
LOL! What a cute pup, though!
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