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Have you asked around at a LLL meeting? I used military docs when we were stationed there, so I can't be of any help.
No words of advice, but I'm sorry you are going through this.
Lots of labor vibes!! I hope things move along soon.
Well, I finally had started to feel like I healed it up and started to feel almost normal again. But now I have Mastitis! I really just want to be well again - my mom is leaving in a few days and I want to be closer to 100% before she leaves.
For the bunch of us that had our babies in late Oct/early Nov, I wanted to see how everyone is feeling. Are you healing up? Does anyone feel back to normal yet? I'm really frustrated with my healing. I had a small tear, mw decided not to stitch it up. A week and 2 days later, I'm still in a great deal of pain even though I followed her plan of care. She is now saying that she should have stitched me up. She is coming over on Wednesday to check it out but there really...
Thanks for all of the tips. I've been using comfrey & witch hazel and staying in bed (legs closed). But I'm still in a lot of pain ~ it burns like hell to pee. My midwife orginally said that I would be all healed up in a week. Well that sure didn't happen. I'm a little upset/confused because after talking to her yesterday she said that she should have sewn me up if I'm still in pain. Well, we can't turn back the clock now. I'm just very frustated. DH goes back to work...
Congrats mama!
Yeah! Congrats mama.
I had my first home/water birth on Saturday moring (). My mw said that I had a small tear, would possibly need only 2-3 stiches but rec'd letting it heal naturally. So, I've been staying in bed (as much as possible) and keeping my legs closed per her instructions. But is there anything else that I should be doing? I'm in a lot of pain and won't be able to stay in bed much longer as DH goes back to work in a few days.
Congrats mama!
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