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With my first I was determined that I would not be one of those women who walks around all naked during labor. When the time came, I could not stand to have anything touching me...even screamed at DH to take my watch off! And it didn't bother me at all to be naked...even afterward when my midwife's teenage son came by to visit and baby was laying on my bare chest! With my second, clothes didn't bother me and I wore a sports bra style swimsuit top in the pool.
If I was a far bolder person than I am, I'd say "Obviously you've never done it!"
My birth with insurance at the hospital (assuming a normal vag birth w/o complications) would cost $3000. My homebirth will be around $2500 with no insurance. Of course that's assuming that DH's company can actually stay with an insurance company for more than one year!!
I did the glucola the first time around and passed. Second time we would have skipped it, but my midwife found sugar in my urine so we just did the high protein breakfast and finger prick and hour later. I'm going to request the same thing this time around...we'll see if my OB will cooperate.
We did give the injection to my dd and she ended up with terrible jaundice. I read later that vit k can cause jaundice. With ds, our mw recommended waiting to decide until after the birth. There was no indication for needing the vit k so we didn't do it for him.
Start taking Vit C now...it strengthens your water bag so it won't break so early. My water broke before labor started with my first. With my second I took Vit C all the way through and my water didn't break until just before I started pushing!
I second the Gymboree socks. Those are the only ones that stayed on DD when she was little.
I loved the ones my midwife made for me! We just used whatever regular pads I had in the house....the ones w/o wings work best...and witch hazel. She knew the right amt to use so they wouldn't get so soggy. The ones my DH made later were too wet. Sorry I don't have a measurement for you. I put them into depends underwear to catch any overflow and then just took the pad out if it got too uncomfortable. I recovered soooo much faster using these than I did just using...
With both of mine I've eaten graham crackers with peanut butter...mmm...
I had my first two at home w/ midwives in OC. I've used Candice Leach and Susan Gill. Susan was fabulous at the prenatals...especially good about including my dd in everything. When it came to actual L&D, I felt she was a bit too controlling for my taste. I didn't have Candy for any prenatals so I can't comment on that, but she was amazing at dd's birth...despite the fact that we had never met (long but good story!) it was like she could read my mind and knew exactly...
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