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Arrested Development I was going to suggest Once and Again but they only have season 2.
Does he eat/drink anything different when she comes? More sugar? More juice? Soda? Something with different ingredients than usual? Anything like that?
Are you outside or on a treadmill? I just made the move to outside and was amazed at how quickly the run went by because I was checking out houses, trees, etc. When I'm stuck on a treadmill I watch TV. Unless I'm running sprint intervals. Then I am just focused on not falling over. lol
OP- Maybe what you are really wishing for is a comprehensive, convenient, inexpensive public transportation system. I love being in NYC where I simply do not need to drive. On the subway babes can wiggle and look around and nurse. If only I had something like that around here! Well, at least for when DS was a baby. Now he really enjoys the car.
So I was down .8 last week and up 1.0 this week. I did stick to my points and exercised more than ever, but with my son's B-day party I was stressed and didn't eat the best foods. I stuck to my points by watching portion sizes, but I know it was more simple carbs and sodium than usual. So hopefully it was water weight and I'll have a good loss next week. So, I did lose my 5lbs for the challenge, and will surely hit my next goal (under 190) in the next couple weeks.
I can't recall, have you tried to get DH to do the boobless bedtime with you out of the house? DS still nurses to sleep, and screams for me if DH tries to take him upstairs when I'm here, but if I'm out at a meeting or whatever they manage fine.
Not the norm for me at all. Potlucks are pretty common, but it is explicit that they are potluck and generally there is a significant degree of coordination. People sometimes offer to bring a dish to a dinner party/hosted event, but mostly are told that it is not necessary. So they show up with a bottle of wine or chocolates, homemade jam, dozen eggs from your chicken, etc. that can be saved for another time or else flowers.
I know that it *means* 2, but I generally interpret it as probably 2-3, maybe 4, in casual conversation.
I started riding last spring. Am really starting to finally enjoy it now. In the begining I was so weak that I just felt miserable. Past few weeks I've done about ~35-40mi/week. Would like to get that up to 50 next week. It's about 20 miles on a weekly women's group road ride and the other half on my cruiser bike w/ my 3yo in a bike tutor seat.
New Posts  All Forums: