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im newly pregnant, tho im not sure if it's twins, and more than likely it isn't...im 4 days into my second whole30 and feeling pretty great. i think a paleo diet would be great for twin pregnancy due to the focus on protein and fat...:)   congrats on your twins...it's such an amazing experience.
woo hoo! you did it! i love the closing. i agree with every word. and as one hbac'ing twin mama to another...YOU GO!
we used the arms reach co sleeper, but the one made of wood (i think it was called a sleigh bed style) because it had legs that could be raised to the height of our enormous cal king bed...i put both babies in that for the first few months (i think around 3), tightly swaddled, and i would pick them up as they woke to feed and side lie nurse them, then switch babies when the other woke up...did the same for diaper changes, etc.   we have had a crib side carred to our...
hi leela,   i have g/g twins that are 18mo...we just finished the process of nightweaning. dr. jay gordon has a pretty great method that i've used with all of my children...essentially you pick a six hour window that you will use other methods to comfort your child back to sleep. mine is from about 11p to 6a give or take an hour either way depending on when they go to bed, etc. we co sleep in our king sized bed with one crib side carred on my side of the bed (we plan...
valco has a double to triple stroller that you can put a rideboard on and make it a quad...   there is also this attachable seat you can buy that will turn a double into a trip...   abc adventure buggy makes an AWESOME double to quad...it's spendy, but you can find it on ebay.   how old are your riders?
just chiming in to say that you're not technically supposed to put children younger than 1yo in a bike trailer, and then w/ a helmet...   as for me, i walk/jog with our twins in a BOB revolution double. love it! now i swim with our older children and do water aerobics with the twins...which really just means i do lots of squats/jumping and running underwater while holding two babies. :)
just popping in to give support to all you ladies and your growing bellies/discomfort...our little girls are 15 months old now and i think back to the excitement and trepidation surrounding their arrival and miss it and dont miss it all at the same time!   i wish daily for another baby, though i think hubs is so scared we'll have more twins that i might never get him to agree...so living vicariously through you guys was fun this evening.   mamalovex3 i totally...
valco tri mode has an option for a toddler jumpseat out front...and it's an all terrain stroller/jogger.
sorry for the double post!
this is kind of eye opening for me as i find myself distinguishing between our girls, mainly because it's just so amazing to me that they are so individual from one another...even though, through common sense, i realize this is going to be the case for any of our children...the fact that they are so close in age and shared a womb, etc...i dunno...i guess i expected wonder twin powers or something, lol. which might be what others are experiencing when they find it...
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