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oh congratulations!!! those are some well-grown babies. good job, mama!! xoxox. share some pics if you get a chance!
also thinking of women who struggle with infertility reading a case of someone who says she has PCOS conceiving 5 children in such a short time when most of the women i know with PCOS struggle for months and sometimes years to conceive just one...that can also be hurtful. 
i would wait until i went into labor for sure if just going ahead w/ the section. and being on the other side of my double breech birth, i would find out just how much breech experience your doc has and gauge it from there. its another variation of normal.
i used the wood arms reach co sleeper when they were really small. it has extending legs so it was the same height as our giant king bed. i would start them both in there, shortways, and then pull whoever woke up into bed w/ me...and they eventually just ended up in bed with me.   now we use the crib that is side carred to the side of my bed for one twin and the other sleep in bed with me/us (hubs is still transitioning back to bed since he sleeps in the living room...
well i, too, think things have always sounded a bit off...and admit to googling for info about any births...owell. i dont know why someone would go to such trouble to make this stuff up...lol. but the odds of spontaneous trips happening within a year of spontaneous twins are slim to none, right?    
yah, i dunno...disneyland is CRAZY PACKED this time of year...well until new year's anyway. i'd love to hear more about the triplets and twins and what strollers you took and how many times you had to pump/nurse while there...i mean. three newborns, ebf'd? that's a ginormous feat.
eek. what a crazy time to be at disneyland with just one child, let alone five babies...and 3 of them ebf newborns...i cant even imagine. did you end up hiring help?
mel,   i sent you a pm, but i'll quickly add here that i also live in so-cal, used kaiser concurrent care and went on to deliver both my twin girls at home, both breech...please contact me privately if you'd like to talk a bit more...im curious as to whether or not we're neighbors...my birth story can be found here...it talks a LOT about the fear i had around birthing...and how once i overcame that, it was smooth sailing all the way....
yay! they're lovely! mine just reached 10 months yesterday. sleeping NOWHERE near 12 solid hours a night, but we manage...they are also eating a TON and still nursing just as much. rowie is trying to stand more and more and manages a few minute long stints...lennox is too, but only for a second at a time. rowan says hi and bye bye and mama and does this little tongue babble thingy that is so cute.   lennox is soft and cuddly and calm and so ok with her sister's...
i am one of those moms! my baby a uses a pacifier intermittently and they ride in strollers almost 100 percent more than any of their sibs since i like to wear babies...but you do what you can.   and i HEAR YOU on the wanting to run away...and keep running! but maybe if you could find a way to get out of the house with or without the kids...fresh air always helps. also, maybe a bath/shower for you and the boy while the littles lay and listen? i know my girls were really...
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