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ive been thinking about you/her and wonder how your/her little trips are doing...   any updates?
cant wait to hear the news!
my baby a stayed breech pretty much my entire pregnancy, only flipping vertex one time at about 27 weeks...   we went on to having a very easy home birth of two breech babies...breech is a variation of normal. so are twins. i did have to find a provider that was comfortable and experienced w/ breech delivery...and i do admit, i was nervous all the way up until after my water broke...but having birthed two breech babies now, i would say its not that much...
as far as i know, its best recommended that you wait until a year to change any nighttime feeding routines...perhaps its just a bit too early?    
lilmonkeys, i had no idea your birth was so harrowing!   i had di/di twins at home, both breech...but they were my 4th and 5th (3rd and 4th hbac)...i had an OB present as well as a midwife and a student midwife. i am also a student of midwifery, and it took me all the way up until their birth to feel confident in my decision to HB...lol. i knew i had to try, but had back up in line and did concurrent care w/ a hospital just in case i went into labor before 36wks.
i say go for it! just dont prevent and see what happens...bf'ing can make cycles wonky for awhile so its best to start asap if you want more...   i dont think i will ever stop wanting more children...but hubs has cut me off at 5...im praying for an oops tho.
maybe not a strict schedule but a routine? like an order that your day goes in wake/eat/nap/play/read/eat/bath/bed kinda thing...    
i am just in awe of the care you receive in sweden...that is AMAZING. hope you're feeling great still and congrats on your expanding family...triplets. wow. so so incredible. :)
haha wow to your big babies! my little girls are only 13/14 lbs right now! both have started to crawl and pull up...wow. so quickly! its really cute to see such little peanuts getting around.
well its not only the level, but the double rate that could be an indicator of multiples. but once it gets higher than a certain amount (i think 6000), the double rate slows...   that said, i cant remember my betas for the life of me, but i think at 25dpo they were 17 thousand something and at 27dpo they went up to 24 thousand something...which i thought were high, but not out of the realm of normal according to betabase.info...   but i was, in fact, carrying...
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