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yah i think the only model that does have side by side car seat adapters is the stroll air...tho i just learned that the other day. :)   i think bugaboo is coming out w/ a model that will as well...though im not positive...its called the donkey...it looks pretty cool, actually.
hi everyone! long time no post, i know...   adorkable! yay on finalizing your plans for a hb...i have, as well. i found a really great midwifery group/birth center out of los angeles that just coincidentally started working with a renown obstetrician who is a huge advocate for natural/home/vbac birth...he has recently left hospitals all together and is now doing home and birth center birth...he has TONS of breech and multiples experience...   anyways, this frees...
wow. very intense. frightening. eye opening. heart warming. relieving. what a hard tale to live and to tell...i am so happy you are ok and that m & m are too...and that you had such a wonderful LC and staff carrying out your wishes and what was best for your dear little babes.  
i think the stroller you choose is one of your biggest and most important investments...and often, more than one option is helpful. you can keep your vista and get a toddler board for days that you feel like babywearing (though im not certain on how well the buggy boards ride through dirt/gravel) and one twin can ride and one can be worn...or you can sell your vista on craigslist, they retain their resale value well, i hear..and then fund a bigger more accommodating...
im curious about this statistic myself as there are few records of twin home birth...all of the stories i have read are positive, though i did hear of one that wasn't good. the midwife i assist was second midwife at a twin hb...first twin born fine, second twin had stable hearttones until cord prolapse, and by the time they'd reached the hospital, it was no longer alive...   very sad story.   the other stories ive heard have all been pretty textbook normal. some...
  yes, it is still active. i think one triplet mom posts regularly.    
congrats on your twins! it really does change your birth options a little, doesnt it?   i would definitely switch providers. im sorry you are experiencing such resistance. it is possible to vbac twins...what were the circumstances of your first c section?   have you checked ican-online.org for local resources?   i have homebirthed two babies after my c section, almost fifteen years ago...and plan to homebirth my twins...
i recognize you from the 'other' site and am sorry to hear about your baby b! i hadn't known yet...   i am planning a natural/home delivery for my twins...and have found quite a few wonderful resources. there is another board called twinstuff that has some great homebirth stories on it recently...   poke around and do your homework and you'll see that its not only possible, but healthy and safe to give birth to twins naturally!
i have had two home births with leslie stewart and catherine williams at home birth services of los angeles...LOVE them very much. i would be using them again if i weren't pregnant w/ twins (which carries restrictions on their practice)...   GOOD LUCK and congratulations!
thankful this is here and bumping for anyone else who might have something to add!
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