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Skyemama! You are inspiring! Keep up the good work... The secret to not feeling so helpless is to do what you're doing... talk until you're blue in the face, do your advocacy projects, start chipping away at all of the lies and prejudice until the truth is revealed. Lila Blue, I found out yesterday that people in my municipality CANNOT change their caseworker. I'm sorry I don't have more knowledge about the systems in the U.S. It's hard enough keeping track of the...
Quote: Originally posted by lilablue I'm sorry we don't have better standards in this country for legitiamte mothers who need help when their kids are so small and there's no other support around. Amen to that! Someday it WILL change. Never give up.
Lilablue, I misconstrued your first post as flamage because you said you read five posts before getting cranked up. I thought you had read something here that pissed you off. My apologies. I'm not well aquainted with the social assistance system in California....is there a possibility that you could deal with another caseworker?
Lilablue, I hope you went back and read all the posts. I can imagine how angry and defensive it makes you, however, this discussion has been pro-welfare and positive. I am an anti-poverty advocate who will soon be apprenticing with Life*Spin (Low Income Family Empowerment Sole-Support Parent Information Network) http://www.execulink.com/~life/ I just wanted to let you know this is a safe place to talk about this kind of stuff. I'd like to think most of us are well...
June 30
I've been playing 'Pretty Together' by Sloan non stop for about 6 months.
I saw New Kids On The Block in concert four times. Hey, I was 14. Leave me alone - I didn't have any cool older mentors to steer me in a respectable direction.:LOL
Here's a question for us female comic book fans... How do you feel about the way women are portrayed in regular comics (Marvel, DC). Abimommy - Managing a comic book shop is like my dream job!
Oh I just love them. I created quite a few graphic novels back in the day. My all time favorite comic is Eightball by Dan Clowes.
Brenda, Tori, I support you! It never ceases to amaze me that people applaud a family who earns great money working for a big corporation, while looking contemptuously on a mother who needs support because she wants to care for her babies herself instead of putting them in daycare. I mean, why are these people so revered when the actual rate of welfare fraud is 3%, and the value of corporate crimes is 88 times that of welfare fraud?
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