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Oh wow Joy! I loved your poem when I read it years ago! And I wanted to let you know that every time I bite into a really sweet orange I think of your poem. It is truly an honour to talk with you online. AWESOME poem, the imagery has stuck with me, which is the mark of an outstanding piece of writing. You inspire me.
Katrina, my son was about your daughter's age when Episode One came out. I tried to concentrate on the movie but all I could think about was my son and I worried constantly. He was fine without me of course, but I was not used to leaving him!
WHHHHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOO! Can hardly wait! This one's going to be awesome, We're having a party.
I truly believe that in a progressive society television/media sycophany would be classified as legitimate addictions! But then again I'm a radical : http://www.sciam.com/2002/0202issue/0202kubey.html Like Sarah said, no hate, only the exchange of ideas. We're ALL great moms, no matter what side of the fence we're on. (I'll take the green side!)
Quote: Originally posted by Blessedx4 My oldest daughter talks to me regularly about the "pot-heads" at school. She says they are all losers and I agree. (Not that they are losers in the sense that they are not valuable human beings but in the sense that they are messed up individuals seeking to remedy hurt in their lives with drugs.) My daughter does not hang around with them and I would not want her to! Coming from a former messed-up loser...
Any old Alice In Chains fans here? Just found out the news. His body was found on Friday of an apparent heroin overdose. His music defined my adolescence. I saw them in concert when I was 17. I'm shaken up pretty badly...and listening to the old albums and reminiscing. Just wanted to share.
I used to be quite the smoker. I tried unwinding with a joint when my son was about 9 months old and it just did not feel like it used to. I became extremely paranoid. It did not help when my son started crying uncontrollably...and I discovered my timing could not have been worse. That night he cut his first tooth. So I haven't tried it since. I had to let it go. I think everybody knows my position on it... LEGALIZE IT! (It's getting pretty close here in Canada)
~'The Ugly Canadian - The Rise and Fall of a Caring Society' by Barbara Murphy ~'Fleetwood - My Life and Adventures With Fleetwood Mac' by Mick Fleetwood and Stephen Davis ~'Motherhood - The Second Oldest Profession' by Erma Bombeck
Love and Rockets
I remember seeing Mothering Magazine too! I was pleased, however I doubt you could ever find a copy in a WalMart in Canada... I loooove Natalie Portman...she's such a cutie pie, but I thought that movie was terrible and hackneyed!
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