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Jaqcue you are NOT ridiculous! You admire their art! That's a wonderful trait. Any band would be honoured to have you as their fan.
Hi Rachelle-a-tron, I'm also a lover of Tom Petty. I love The Strokes, Joy Division, Happy Mondays....
THAT RULES! I must say, I think about you whenever I hear Goo Goo Dolls!
Right on! I love it when old threads are revived!
Pina ~ Star Wars was 1977.
First theatre experience: Ghostbusters in 1984 when I was 9. The first movie I saw on the television was THE ELEPHANT MAN when I was 5 ...gee thanks dad! Oh the trauma... My first live show was Mr. Dressup too!
The way I saw it is that the aliens are a different race than the orgas and the mechas. The mechas were created by the orgas so as to solve the immortality problem. A whole lot of difficulty arose because although the orgas created the mechas, they could not control them (kind of like a parent/child relationship). Hence all of the animosity towards the mechas and the whole 'flesh fair' thing. Then after the 'ice age' type earth change, the aliens came to earth to...
Yes A.I. was an anticipated film and there was alot of hype surrounding it. Sometimes all of the hype sets the stage for disappointment. I am generally not a fan of science fiction either.
I haven't seen My Life As A House. I loved A.I. I'm a big Kubrick fan so I was looking forward to it. I thing Spielberg did a great job. It is an intense film! My criticism is that it was too long, I think it would have been better if it had ended when David was at the bottom of the ocean staring at the Blue Fairy (My husband strongly disagrees ) And I thought the film lost alot of its energy when the aliens entered near the end. Plus I thought all that stuff with...
I think the U.S. is great! I love visiting there. I think Boston and San Francisco are among the coolest places in the universe.
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