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I have ordered A Child Is Waiting and it will be at my store tomorrow (Monday). I can't wait to see it!
Seriously those convenience cereal packs did exist (Kelloggs), I never saw them for sale here but I did see a commercial for them on an American station a couple of years ago. They are in the same vein as Lunchables, same idea...it saves mom or dad (or the child for that matter) from making a meal. The waste these packaged convenience foods produces is disproportionate to the amount of food they contain! I've never actually bought a Lunchable but I assume most of the...
Oh this is too weird! I was delivering my papers yesterday and I happened to see an advertisement for purple ketchup...if that's not strange enough, it even comes in a new easy-to-squeeze bottle. Like the old plastic bottle wasn't easy enough to squeeze?! I think the most offensive "food" I saw was a convenience pack of ready-to-eat cereal, inside of a plastic bowl with a spoon. And no clean up - just toss the whole thing into the garbage when you're done kids. It was...
I'm not particularly interested in Hollywood per se. At least there's 4 of us now! I'm surprized more people aren't "signing up." Don't worry Parismaman if my store doesn't have the films you suggest there is an international specialty store here. How do you all feel about B movies?
Ohmygawd Dot.mom your post wins the "most embarrassing" grand prize!
Ahhh, Brandonsmama, that was so touching! (Pun fully intended)
Quote: Originally posted by Bay's Mamma I believe that if she sees that I have no problem with my body she will have better self-esteem about hers. Agreed totally! In societies where nudity is not equated with sex and something dirty and forbidden, children have alot of exposure to the human body. They bathe with their family on a regular basis, and see nudity in other places, like on the beach. They learn that ALL body types are normal and...
You could tell your kids about how we can't see most of a girl's private parts because they're on the inside of her body. Labia is a good word to describe what we can see on the outside, as we can't actually see her vagina, as is with her clitoris. She will discover those parts of her body later.
I haven't seen Female...yet! Nor am I familiar with Curtiz. I was a film student for only two years, some of the films I studied are A Touch Of Evil, Lady From Shanghai, Battleship Potempkin, Metropolis, Suspicion, A Clockwork Orange, etc. I asked about Female when I was at my video store today returning my vids. Surprizingly they didn't have it, very odd considering they are who you go to around here when you're looking for something obscure. I'll call some other...
Count me in Paris Maman. What a great idea! I've been a film student myself.
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