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Thanks for all your feedback. :)   I think part of the problem is that a lot of our long-term planning is either in my head or in my notes. She doesn't know where it's going next. I'm going to create a chart or list or some sort of visual "plan" so she knows where she's going beyond just, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there."   She's also highly driven. If she's not doing something, she feels like she should be. I think I need to "schedule" some time for...
I haven't read WTM. It seems to be very popular with Christian homeschoolers.
Eva isn't feeling challenged by what we're currently doing. She'll be starting "8th grade" next fall age-wise. My local community college offers classes for homeschoolers, but they're geared toward high schoolers. We've been relaxed/eclectic homeschoolers so far. I'm not sure what, if anything, is out there for academically gifted teens who aren't religious homeschoolers.
My 12 year old has expressed an interest. She's already been through the Getty-Dubay Italic series. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good book or program?
Thanks. I think I'll start out with just Language Mechanic and go from there.
I love mine, but when I started looking to order some for DD, I discovered Hind Sight Diapers is out of business. Does anyone know of any Mama Cloth with a similar design?
There's more to Khan than just the videos. (I say this because I didn't realize it at first!) My kids actually usually work on the exercises and only watch the videos if they have trouble. This works particularly well because they're choosing to get help with something, rather than just being told, "You need to know this. You'll understand why later."   Also, if you need to turn in records in your state, you can register your child, then register yourself as his/her...
This actually a 2 part problem: 1) Who takes care of your child while you're at work? 2) When will you find the time to homeschool?     There are answers for both of these issues. They can even overlap (e.g., if you have a care giver who can at least partially oversee lessons during your work hours), but that's what it really boils down to.   I do know families who homeschool without a SAHP. Most of them have a supportive grandparent as the day-time care...
New Posts  All Forums: