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I am moving to Michigan from Illinois my question is I will be submitting religious exemption for my children's school. Does the health appraisal form still need to be filled out by a doctor ??? Do I just need to submit my exemption letter and the waiver. Thanks !
Having a lot of trouble with this. I am looking for non-vax doctor iron county michigan. I am willing to travel any suggestions ?
my son will be 2 1/2 next month. His words are no, ya(yes), da( for everything) uh oh! oh no! mama, daddy. I try to get him to tell me what he wants he just points. I know what he wants but I want him to say it. He just gets frustrated, and cries if I tell him to tell me what you want. He makes lots of sound affects, and grunts alot. He is very smart ,other wise and is a great helper, very independent. He won't let you help him, he wants to figure things out on his...
Hello, My 2 1/2 year old has had eczema as a baby. He has calendonia cream. We use other creams nothing is working. Now his eyes seem to be bothering him. They look like he has bags under and flaky like the rest of the eczema. All the creams I have say stay away from eyes. Is there any safe cream out there I can try? Thanks, MELANIE
Hi, I went to the doc at homefirst. He suggested I might want to give my 18 month old son a sensitivity test for his eczema. I was wondering if anyone has had this done. It does state the child must remain still. That might be a problem. Any info will be great. THANKS!
Hi, My husband is in severe pain from a amputation of his lower left leg. It has been 8 years. He has tried numerous anti - seizure medications. They just make him crazy and depressed. He does use the lanocane patch on his stump, to relieve stump pain that does seem to work. Now the doc is convinced if he had a good sleeping habit. His pain will go away, so he is on some sleeping pill that doesn't put him to sleep until he goes to work the next day. Nothing these crazy...
I had to change docs because of insurance issues. My 16 month old was vaccinated up until 1 yr. I started doing research on vaccines. Me and my husband didn't like what we found. We don't want this stuff in our child. My newphew is recovering from GBS. I am convinced it was from a vaccine. All the doctors say there are no links to GBS and vaccines. Then why is the 1st question they ask is when was his last vaccination. And why can't he ever get a flu shot again. But, no...
I just have to vent for a minute. I just got back taking my son to the park. I put him down for a nap. My dogs wanted to go out I put them in the yard. So I thought I'd see whats up on MDC. It was really quiet. So my beagle came in but no sign of doxie. She got out before but usually someone calls right away. To make matters worse, I still have old address on tags. But current phone number. No calls so Had to get my son who wasn't completely sleeping yet. IN the stroller...
sounds exactly like my 15 month old son. He is the sweetest little boy until he gets tired. Then he turns mean pulls hair , slaps, he bit me the other day. He thinks its funny. I'm still trying to figure it out I really don't have any advice. I usually put him in his crib let him sleep it off. Most of the time he will wake up refreshed, and happy. But, he knows it's wrong. I hope it's just a stage. Melanie
I put my 15 month old in the pack and play when I'm in the yard. It really comes in handy.
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