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We do that b/c it's what he asks us to do...doesn't have anything to do with the foreskin. Most of the time now though, I don't touch it at all, just let it do its thing.
My 3 yr old son has been having frequent erections over the last 6 months, ranging from 3-4 to 6-8 a day. He always says, "my pee-pee is bigger" when he has an erection. We'll just gently push it down and try to distract him.    I have no clue where to even begin with this. Is it normal? My dh who is very supportive of him being intact thinks the # of erections are too frequent.
i've tried warm wipes and he now has a grasp of what "owie" is and uses it appropriately. has anyone ever had a problem w/ their uncirc'd son that couldn't be seen until a dr diagnosed the problem?
It is not red. Wipe probably like everyone else does?? I don't retract it, just wipe over the top of it, lift it up, around the base, etc.
My son turned 2 in April and is uncirc'd. I don't really know when this started but when I change his diaper he complains about his penis hurting saying, "owie, pee pee, owie". He never complains in the tub, when clothes are on, or any other time, only when we're changing diapers and I'm wiping him but then again other than in the tub, that's the only time his penis is touched. He has always hated having his diaper changed and cried about it and then since becoming verbal...
I choose not to vax my children. I had an interesting conversation with an epidemiologist today informing me that my child's lack of pertussis vaccination could cause a 0-6 month old child, who cannot yet be vaccinated, to contract the disease & potentially die. My children can also be exposed to viruses & disease through vaccinated children carrying live viruses in their system. What would have been your response? Help, I need some sound info to put my mind at rest and...
How do you get rid of these????? It's just started to become painful...help!
Salt water???? WOW! I'll have to try it but I'm shocked. I'd think it would produce just the opposite results of what I'm looking for. Thanks for the info!
Hey Mommies! This board is sooo big and overwhelming to me and I usually only come here when I need some help!! But let me say a HUGE THANKS to those of you that respond, you have helped out tons in the past and may not ever know it. I appreciate the time you put into your responses... Anyway, my little guy gets a sore bum every once in a while due to sensitive skin and LOVES taking baths so I figured a gentle soothing mixture would be great for him to bathe in. Do...
Thanks Ladies! I'm going to get some papaya enzymes tomorrow!
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