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I think it looks like a girl.
I wanna know if it worked?!?   I'm guessing she's had them by now so it'll be a while before there's an update.
No dropper. Who doles out vanilla by the drop?   Blue glass sounds pretty.
My last birth was what I would call a semi lotus birth. After the placenta was delivered, we wrapped it up in a chux pad and either I tucked it under my arm as I moved around, or my midwife held it while I took an herbal bath with my newborn. After getting out of the bath maybe 2 or 3 hours had gone by. We cut the cord, it was completely white and firm already. We did not need to clamp. Then the placenta went into the fridge to wait to be encapsulated.
I have had a few goes at friendship building in the last 9 years.   First round was fantastic. LLL friends, 3 of us were pregnant and first time moms together. One more mom joined us when she moved to town with her 6 month old. When DD was 2 we moved out of state.   Second round was a group of moms from library story time. We would hang at the park afterwards. There were birthday parties and outings. Things went well until preK age, then the group fell...
Alien baby!     We think we say some gily bits, we saw the "3 lines" but the tech did not want to say 100%, but did say it was a very strong possibility. I'm 15 weeks. Sorry, no money shot. The bit at the bottom of the baby is the cord in this picture.    
Just one big, strong baby for me.   I did not have a full anatomy scan but everything we did see (which was a lot) looked just like it should. We may have seen some girl parts, the tech was reluctant to say for sure, but thought it was a strong possibility. No surprise there, I knew she was a she. She was measuring a little big, but my other kids were looooong and big so again, no surprise there.   My sister, who had her first baby this past spring, just a few...
I'm having a hard time sleeping. I'm excited to find out some answers tomorrow, but at the same time I don't want to know yet so the excitement can last a little longer.   last night I dreamed of multiple babies.   I'm also feeling a little guilty/weirded out that this hard core home birth mama is getting an ultrasound and even contemplating a hospital birth.   I'm looking forward to sharing an update and hearing yours AiryFairy.  
Had my first official prenatal yesterday. It was such a relief to see someone face to face and for a birth professional to give me her opinion an what might be happening in my belly. (I was working with my family doc and consulting over the phone with my midwife, who is now out of state, while insurance was worked out.)   I've had some twin intuitive feelings for a while now, which only got stronger when my fundus popped up out of my pelvis at 9 weeks. I have had...
Yikes! Goody bags are expected, all the time, and not giving one is rude? When did that happen?   No, I do not think you owe the kids a goody bag. If you want to do one, then do one. if not, than don't.   I have hosted 3 parties for my DD over the last 8 years. When she was one, I made bags with crayons, a can of play doh and some paper and tied a balloon to the handle. My thinking was that there would be something to play with if the kids got restless and...
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