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Quote: Originally Posted by babsbob My kids were never quite that outgoing - but I did have to put my DS on a strict "no touching" policy when he was about 18months because he would act like he was going to hug another little child and then bite them or tackle them. I would try talking to her on the way to the playground about what you expect and if you have to make it simple like just "no touching" other kids just until she gets the idea. I know...
I don't have much advice, but yes, it is your responsibility to constantly be hovering and stopping her from doing these things. I know in your eyes she is your little angel but to other parents THEIR child is the little angel, and your child is the one causing the problem. Of course she is only very little and doesn't understand social etiquette yet, that's why it's your job to teach her that by intervening and modeling appropriate behaviour.
I agree that a lot of kids programs aren't really appropriate. That's why we limit what our kids watch. As the parent that's your job. If you don't want your kids watching it, don't let them. It's really pretty easy.
Just lurking here.... I like it. My DH's cousin's son is named Keegan. He is 11 now and it was a cute name as a little boy and a strong name now that he is older. Go for it!
My kids are in private school this year but we used it last year and both kids loved it. I am probably going to sign my youngest up for the preschool level soon. I highly recommend it. My son went from being unable to read to being on grade level with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by heamae Well dh and me just got into a huge argument about it agian! I dont know what to do any more!! He left for work and I am left crying. Argument put on hold until another day! You protect your son at all costs! For me this would be a make or break issue. No way would I ever let my DH have cosmetic surgery performed on my son just because he wants to. I would leave before that happens. Please do NOT back down...
Those look like exactly what I was thinking! My DH says I shouldn't even bother because SIL's fiance makes all the decisions anyways. He thinks that I will just get future BIL upset with me. Is it really so wrong to send some internet links? Like I said, most likely it won't make a difference but I won't be able to live with myself if I don't at least try. Oh, forgot to add, she comes from a family where no one circumcises. DH's family is Greek and they don't do...
My SIL is pregnant with her first and just found out today it is a boy. While I am incredibly excited for her (I love having a son!) my second immediate thought was, "Oh crap" when I realized that circumcision is now an issue. Her fiance comes from a family with 4 boys and his brothers have boys. All circumcised. So I am probably fighting a losing battle. Also her fiance is definitely the "boss" in the relationship, she pretty much defers to him on everything. Either...
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