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Quote: Originally Posted by cyrusmama Well it did mean the pile game thing, although we did give dh's grandma a banana bunker for Christmas last year and she thought it was dirty Oh my.
I just picked up a Parkway for $39! 09/06 - not bad at all!!! Now, I just have to decide if I want to let ds ride in it. Hard to justify letting him ride in "just" a booster when I have 2 perfectly good Radian's for him. Oh, and mine were tagged at 79.99 - I had to ask for a price check!
No advice, but I wanted to offer ... what an awful situation for those girls.
Ehhh, i have no idea when she'll have access to this forum. So, probably best to delete this post.
Oh dear. I have no idea what my dh's ex would say to me. Other than "floozy." She hasn't called the house in quite some time. But back when she used to, if I answered, she'd say/shout "floozy" and hang up. Yes, I think highly of you, too. And I really really loved the email you sent where you described "cheeking" your birth control pills in an attempt to "trap" dh, and your detailed plans to milk your government out of welfare benefits for the next 20 years or...
A letter from my ex to my dh? Geez. I can't even guess. But he'd probably trash my parenting style , my laundry/general cleaning skills, and he might attempt to knock my skills at paying bills "on time" - though he'd have no room to speak on the last. LOL
Toooo funny.
I wouldn't even know what to say. Most of my ex's downfalls I've already discussed w/ his "new" wife, in casual conversation, and most aren't *that* bad. Though, I've always wondered if she knew that he felt that *I* was fat. Mind you, I am wearing/wore at that time, a size *4* jean, and this woman aspires to be get down to a 10 (thyroid probs, I think). God, I hope, for her sake, that he's outgrown his love of stick figures. Dear ... I'm not really sure, but...
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