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Quote: Originally Posted by ~D~ : I just want to tell all of you how glad I am I found this group... :
Thank you all for your kind words. The bleeding has continued and increased. I've had some cramping and was fortunate enough to get a HCG (quant) drawn today AND get the results back. It was 14, so obviously not a sticky one. Looks like my levels are dropping quickly and things should resume fairly soon. Good luck to you December mamas! I hope I'll be joining the Jan/Feb 09 group soon. We shall see.
Looks like this bean decided not to stick. I started bleeding this AM and it has increased. I went for an HCG quant and is was 14. So, you can move me back to waiting to O
I need to find a good, fairly inexpensive thermometer. I purchased on at Target recently and it was so slow and I didn't feel like I was getting good readings. Can someone recommend a good one?
Started spotting/bleeding this AM. Feeling blah. Got a feeling this isn't a sticky one. Will update, but probably will need removed.
[B] Due Date: 12.25.09 Screen name: usandthegirls Real name (Or what you want to be called): Samantha (Sam is fine too) Baby #: 5 Hoping for Pink or Blue? Or will either do? Blue would rock, but pink would be awesome too. Will it be a surprise baby? [/B We haven't decided. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to let me know! [/QUOTE]
My name is Samantha. I am 25, married to an awesome guy, Nick. I have three daughters from my previous marriage (almost 7, 4, and 2) and I have one step-daughter who is also 2. This is our first together and we are SUPER SUPER thrilled. We live in Iowa. Neither of us are from here, but this is where our exes are, where DH's job is and where we met, so it's here we shall stay until the children are older! This will be my third December baby. I have one on 12.5 and one...
I am a couple weeks behind you. JUST found out. The feelings of nausea hit me this morning, when I had to run to the grocery store. Just looking at all that disgusting meat made me want to hurl. Feels like it's been slowly building up over these past few days. Seems like mine is a bit earlier this time too. Im not even five weeks yet. I have a feeling I'm in for it this time.
Did/would you tell your midwife that you partake?
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