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For me, the thing that helped the most was staying away from local MoM groups and online groups in which routine cesarean, scheduling, expecting breastfeeding failure, and anti-cosleeping sentiment were the norm. It was hard, because you really want to connect with other moms of twins, but I found that when I did, I got the kind of advice that made me doubt myself and my ability to attachment parent them. I connected online (in this forum and a few others) with naturally...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ghkA3WEq2E It's up! I hope it encourages many more moms to be less fearful about their multiple pregnancies and births!
I am so sorry for your loss! That must be ao hard! It sounds like it could have been a vasa previa. VI in and of itself is not necessarily bad unless the VI is right over the cervix (like in placenta previa). They definitely should have gotten you in faster! Again, heartfelt sympathies for your baby and you!
What a beautiful story. Good job trusting (and listening to) your body!
Thank you to those who sent in pics! I had 7 moms send in info in the past 2 weeks, and once I get to 20ish moms, I'll start editing! If any of you were inspired by the original video during your pregnancy, I hope you'll consider paying it forward and being in this one!
So..... I'm ready to make another multiple natural birth video. I made my personal birth video on youtube when my twins were 6 months old, and the montage one when they were a year old, and that's been almost 5 years now. Time to do it again!  It's gonna be similar to the first one I made:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E-wULAaD50 But hopefully with better music. Seriously, y'all, I finished the video and then spent another 2 weeks trying out different songs and...
Amazing! Congratulations on your twin HBAC! Super-exciting!
QUIT F-ING HITTING EACH OTHER AND SHRIEKING LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE WHEN YOU DON'T GET YOUR WAY!!!   Slow down and listen every now and then.   Don't shout "NO" at me when I'm giving you a consequence for being mean.   Get in the D*MN BED and quit getting up over and over for hours.
So, we found what we think is Omphalotus olearius in our backyard ("jack o lantern mushrooms," which are poisonous), but they might also be something else.    Anyone here an amateur (or professional) mycologist and want to help with identification so my daughter can research and write a report on it?  I didn't know if there was a better forum for this, but I know many of our mothering earth-diggers have a ton of knowledge about nature!    
I had a homebirth in WNC, but was near Mission because I heard they were VBAC friendly.  Ended up not needing to transfer, but if I were choosing a hospital, that's where I'd go.
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