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I used the ocean reef pool to labor for my homebirth.  Didn't get to have the babies in it (got out to go potty and ended up needing to push right after), but loved it for the labor.
I gave birth to my twins in a temporary rental home we had rented just for the birth (since I traveled to another state to have a twin hbac).  Honestly, I was more attached to the idea of giving my babies the best possible entrance into the world than I was with where it happened.  I would have loved for it to be in a home we'd all be in forever, but that just wasn't an option.  The fun part-- every time we happen to be in the area where we went for the birth (it was 2...
This is what I was getting at.  It's the same as chiropractic in many ways.  Chiropractors are trained as chiropractors, and part of that training (should) involve knowing when to refer someone out for allopathic care.  Part of midwife training is learning when to risk people out before the birth, and when to transfer during a birth.  
I could be reading this wrong, but this implies that a trained midwife is not capable of knowing when a patient needs to be risked out, which would be a statement I would respectfully disagree with.  I guess it just irks me because in SC, midwives attended HBACs and birth center VBACs for YEARS without problem, risking patients out on a case by case basis (type of scar, presentation, prior births, etc.), and suddenly because of VBAC statistics based on medically-managed...
Last I heard, Carolina Waterbirth was not offering VBACs.  But it's been a year or two since I moved from SC.   I hope you find something.  This is the reason I traveled from SC, which has midwife licensure, to a state without licensure in order to have my VBAC.
I actually traveled from a state with midwife licensing to a non-licensed state to have my homebirth.  Once midwives in my old state (in which I no longer live anyway) were licensed, the gov't agency that oversaw their licensing began to gradually pass regulations that took away more and more of their ability to make a case-by-case judgment about what clients they'd attend.  They were so scared of losing their license to practice that the health department (which was,...
2 hours and 3 minutes.  I'm glad there's not a law against it, too, because I was so thrilled that they were allowed to come at their own pace as long as there were no signs of distress!  It was so nice to have half and hour of no contractions to just enjoy bonding with baby A and getting to know him!  What a precious time that was!
I grew up there, but am not there any more.   This is not an ad, promise.  But check out http://sacredyogaspace.com/ .  The owner, Jessica, was a good friend of mine in high school, and is a crunchy, AP, baby-wearing sort of mom.  She might be a good connection to make.
Apparently they're having a big, fun party this Saturday.  Delicious food, and lots of fun activities for the kids.   http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137372679652959   Tentative schedule:     10 AM Louise Omoto Kessel: Toymaking 11 AM Origami with homeschooler Camillo 1 PM Science Jim will be showing off some of his famous science demonstrations 2-5 PM Face-painting and Henna with Stephanie Baselice 3 PM More Toymaking with Louise Omoto Kessel:...
Count me in, if someone can tell me when an upcoming meeting is.  My husband and some of my kids accidentally happened upon a playdate at Umstead park today!  Does that count? If not, we'll try to make the next one.
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