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It's on a side hall on the Dillards end of the mall, across from the DMV and Alfredo's Pizza.  The owners are wonderful, and the store has so much to offer (I actually got some Christmas presents there from their selection of historical toys and craft supplies).   They have a facebook page now.  Like them and spread the word! http://www.facebook.com/pages/KatieBeths-Learning-Garden/152927681420951   (Christy, who works in U mall, but not for them)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E-wULAaD50   I made that video a few years back to provide some inspiration for a variety of twin birth situations, including gestation.   And, I had my babies via hbac as well, just over 38 weeks, went into labor spontaneously, had them two hours apart, both 7+ pounds, and very healthy.
I had my twins as a vbac.   Search twin vbac on youtube for some birth stories (mine included).   http://www.naturallyparentingtwins.com/drupal/node/4 has some tips for twin birth planning, including some info on VBAC.  There are also birth stories there, including twin vbacs.   Much of the research that influenced me in my own birth planning was done by Dr. Landon of OSU.  Google can point you towards his work.   Best of everything in your birth planning!
Replying from my phone. Pardon brevity and typos! My twins never had bottles until they were older and we introduced diluted juices. I definitely think that's possible and that many twin moms sabotage their bf supply by introducing bottles and formula too soon just because that's what they've been told to expect. It's one thing to keep an open mind, but it's something else to set an expectation. Just make sure you're clear on which you are doing. With regard to the...
Ummmm... Did you SEE me when we met up the other week? LOL Seriously, I don't have a success story there, or know of any non-surgical ones, but knowing other twin moms deal with this too makes me feel a little better.
This is a position I used a LOT (sometimes with a pillow under the football hold baby's bottom until they were big enough): http://www.naturallyparentingtwins.com/drupal/node/132 There are a lot of other great pics in the gallery there as well.
Congrats! How exciting!!
Congratulations! Makes me get all teary eyed!
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